CD-Club contains all the high responsible diplomatic dignitaries and senior officials of Union Arab Nations (UAN) and its organisations. The appointed country heads of UAN over the world are designated as our Ambassadors with the description of their responsibility and missions and the way of their nomination and accreditation.

His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi
Chairman & President UAN, UANORG

We are the Union Arab Nations (UAN) and its international organizations, which work for the service of humanity around the world, which do not differentiate between one party or another in “religion, creed, color and language”.

Prof. Dr. Hecham
Vice President, UAN & UANORG

“We are human beings and we look for anyone who is a human being without any regards to his religion, belief or colour.. And we think all of us have responsibilities for the others, to help him to feel his pain and his needs and to drive every one of us to support the others”.

Dr. Taghrid Hagli
(Ex Syrian Minister)
General Manager, UANIFA

“We believe in the importance of family in building the society. It has given us all our first lessons on civilisation, culture and behaviour. The mother plays a particularly significant role in this construction”.

H.E. Bytyqi Bekim
Ambassador, Rep. Kosovo

“We now have initiated to launch renewable energy project and are now in the right direction but all we need is support in the execution of the project. Even the main important energy resource in Kosovo is coal but we want to open the chapters in renewable energies.”

Hajdari Xhevdet
General Manager, Rep. Kosovo

“We look forward to cooperate with the Government of Kosovo to bring changes and transform the quality of lives of the poor”.

Salah Abdel Hamed
Advisor International Relations & Diplomatic Affairs

“We are UAN in the capital city of European Union. We are looking for UAN Ambassadors everywhere in the world. Our membership is open for all the Honorable Country Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, and Diplomats.“

Omar Yahiaoui
Personal Advisor to President and member of Advisory Committee.

“I am thankful to H.H. Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi for trusting in me. I pledge to do my best as a Special Advisor and try to achieve the goal set by His Highness who is on a great mission to help the civil society with love and respect.”