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Activities in Bahrain

In the year 2017, And under a formal authorization issued in principle, Royal Family was delegated exclusively to manage Diyar Al Muharraq projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain , It is the construction of three full islands worth 25 billion euros. Royal Family is the company officially , legally authorized and exclusively to  manage these investment projects, to do the selection of companies to be dealt with , to do the conclusion of contracts and agreements with the executive and service companies, and the financing of these contracts from the investment funds of His Highness Prince Jamal Al-Noaimi and the funds deposited with international banks.

His Highness has allocated 10% of the annual profits of the company to the International Organization for the Care of Refugees around the world and support orphans and the poor ( UANORG) , and it’s an international non-profit organization founded in Brussels, the capital of the European Union by the Royal Decree of King Albert II of Belgium. His Highness attaches great importance to cooperating with and supporting civil society organizations.

The Group has investment projects in various fields within the GCC Economic Vision (2030) approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain. The group of His Highness Prince Jamal Al Noaimi will be the main participants in the financing of Plan 2030 through it’s headquarters and representatives in The GCC, Europe, America and the Middle East where we look forward to cooperating with companies, governments and stakeholders in the field of finance, international investment, real estate and construction.

The economic vision (2030) is the Arab Economic Development Program. His Highness was one of the first to present this vision. He participated in it’s support and contribution through the adoption of the development projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain worth 25 billion Euros, which will provide 25 thousand job opportunities from the Arab world from all segments Society, which supports the process of construction and economic and social development.

The most important concern of our group is human development and the rehabilitation of professional cadres specialized in various fields to participate in the process of nation building and development at the highest professional degrees , through investment in the field of education by the establishment of schools and universities distinguished study international curricula and advanced internationally approved scientific progress and professional progress, His Highness has commissioned Royal Family to carry out the necessary studies to start immediately investments in this field It was also entrusted with overseeing the implementation of the first project in this field, namely the establishment of the Arab National University in Manama, capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Royal Decree was issued approving the establishment of this university , and Royal Family has set the implementation of this project as a priority.

His Highness also paying great attention to the field of health care, where he has allocated three sites within the Muharraq Islands to build health complexes and specialized hospitals with the latest advanced technologies. Royal Family has started negotiations with international construction companies to build these health complexes and hospitals.

Our group of partners is working around the clock over the world and we have partners in various fields of development and construction to achieve our vision of working for a better life for peoples and a promising future for future generations.

At the forefront of our business now is to build the Muharraq Islands in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to provide employment opportunities and to move to the Middle East and Africa for investment as we look forward to further increasing our investments around the world through a dedicated team.

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