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Brussels: Union Arab Nations (UAN) high officials held a meeting in its office at Brussels, the capital city of Europe. The officials discussed to prepare the agenda for the proposed conference, to be held very soon in European Parliament, on the issue of ‘Refugees and Our Responsibilities’. The meeting was presided over by UAN founder president His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi

The UAN officials  reached the agreement with the following points:

  • Improve Healthcare of refugee families with particular focus on Children.
  • To initiate an Education program and to begin with opening a school in Antwerpen where language and integration courses will be taught to the Refugees.

I –  Language Course: Under this course, three main languages of Flemish, French, and English will be taught to the refugees.

II –  Integration Course:  How the refugees should live in the West, and respect the local law and people, and become the good citizens and integrate with the  European society.

  • To establish projects where refugees can work and find  jobs and open their own businesses so they should improve their living standard and not be dependent only to Government’s monthly social support which is insufficient for them to live a better life, because it is the main reason that many refugees adopt the wrong path and indulge in criminal and illegal activities.
  • UANORG will also promote the high educated refugees and explore their talent and provide them a chance to work with our organisations and in the meantime guide and support them how they can be able to contribute their quality services in a country where they live.
  • Educate and teach the refugee women in Europe to become good mothers and take care of their children under the European law.
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