UAN announces 10 million $ Princess Sheikha Jamal Alnoaimi Child Fund

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 Imran Baig reports for Duniya News (Pakistan TV channel) from Brussels. Union Arab Nations (UAN) and UANORG (International Organisation for Refugee Affairs Care) new office were launched amid the presence of a huge gathering of prominent personalities and representatives from many missions, diplomatic corps and important guests on Wednesday 20th Dec 2017 here at Brussels, the capital city of Europe.The eminent dignitaries and personalities greeted the founder president of UAN & UANORG His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi for his new office launch and pledged to support his campaign for global peace, human rights, child, and refugees care.

AN & UANORG HH Prince Jamal announced his birthday gift by donating 10 million $ to his new project on his daughter’s name as “Princess Sheikha Jamal Alnoaimi Child Fund”. He said that this fund will be managed by UAN International Family Affairs Organisation (UANIFA) which is a sister organisation of UAN and is headed by former Syrian Minister Dr. Tagrid Al Hagli.

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