UAN International Family Affairs Organisation (UANIFA)

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UAN International Family Affairs Organisation (UANIFA)


  • We believe in the importance of family in building the society. It has given us all our first lessons on civilisation, culture and behaviour. The mother plays a particularly significant role in this construction. Our organisation, a member of the Union Arab Nations, is headquartered in Brussels and carries out its activities independent of political parties and trade union bodies. It adopts the laws of other organisations working in the field of human rights such as the health, education and social welfare laws.
  • The focus of efforts on human development is not only a humanitarian and social responsibility but also a step in the right direction to building a society of peace and coexistence. Our vision includes providing opportunities and equal rights for women and men to play their role within the family and society under conditions of freedom, equity and security. We encourage policies and actions which improve the living conditions for all families, with respect for their diversity and culture.


  • To highlight the value of family and empower each member economically, socially and culturally through education and the implementation of various programs
  • Eliminate gender discrimination and ensure equal access of all levels of education and vocational training, including to those with disabilities and children in vulnerable situation
  • End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere and eliminate all forms of violence against them, including trafficking sexual exploitation, early and forced marriage
  • Cooperation in the field of labor, ending modern slavery and child labor, including the recruitment and use of children as human shields
  • To strengthen the links and cooperation among families in the world and to promote their responsibilities in society – justice, peace and solidarity
  • Raise awareness of matters concerning women and young people in economic, social, cultural, legal, political and legal aspects
  • Care and protection for orphans, bondless, widows and people with special needs



Main Business Plan

  • The organization will be active in all countries of the world, but will intensify its efforts in regions suffering from wars, conflicts, natural disasters and an increased number of asylum seekers. The next phase will consist of providing support to the World Family Organization in their 2030 project, which aims to eradicate poverty, promote well-being for all ages and encourage lifelong learning.
  • The projects and programs that will be adopted within the organization have been studied so that they can be applied in any country in the world and in all circumstances, taking into consideration the difference in the cost of the project and the requirements according to the needs. The programs will begin in countries that host refugees such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. These can be altered according to the requirements and situation.

The projects will be implemented in 2018

  • Establishing productive projects for young people: Integrating young people into the sustainable development process through rehabilitation programs. Loans and projects will be provided to eliminate unemployment among young people and help them build a future for their families
  • Developing orphanages to ensure the protection of orphans from sexual exploitation, violence, cultural and educational ignorance.
  • Aiming to provide vocational training for women and young girls who left school due to difficult circumstances, ensuring that they have appropriate qualifications. Projects will be allocated to eliminate unemployment and poverty
  • Offering poor families and those who have suffered in wars and natural disasters health cards which will grant them access to the needed healthcare and psychological treatments. There may also be potential health centres built to assist them with what is required
  • creating programs for those who are illiterate to learn the basics of reading, writing and the use of technology
  • supporting a culture of peace and democracy, creating opportunities for women and young people and emphasising their role in building a society of peace and coexistence
  • The establishment of an appreciation prize in the name of Princess Sheikha Jamal Al-Noaimi – This award is granted annually to a creative and gifted child. This year, it will be dedicated to children in refugee camps and orphanages, in order to encourage children living in difficult circumstances to promote self-confidence and achievements

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