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In view of the dispersion and division of Arab ranks as a result of crises Or because of war and geographical borders, and the accompanying international intersections led to schism And a rupture between some Arab countries, particularly neighboring countries. And because of the strong differences and conflicts among these countries that affected them economically, culturally and politically Socially, in the midst of these harsh conditions, which suffer from severe labor, a union was born The Arab World under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness Prince Jamal Abdul Rahman Al – Naimi, through which he seeks to The production of a free human being lives a decent life.

In view of the situation in the countries, according to several reports, violations of human rights and freedoms, especially from the Arab organizations themselves, which considered that the Arab countries have not reviewed their policies and strategies towards human rights in the light of what happened in 2008 and until the middle of 2009, Human rights are subject to revision not only in the area of civil liberties, but particularly in the field of economic, social and cultural rights.

It is worth mentioning that His Highness Prince Jamal Al-Naimi played a role in condemning and condemning some abuses in the Arab world and in other foreign countries such as Myanmar, represented in the violation of the rights of minorities such as the Rohingya in defense of international tribunals in order to realize the right to live in a single homeland.

There are other signs from some reports that have made recommendations to the contrary. Some Arab countries have strengthened their previous policies to increase security considerations over civil liberties, to undo the limited reforms they have introduced to their legislation and systems, and have been driven by financial and economic crises.

In addition to its support for refugee issues, the right to live, health and education and to realize all their rights as human beings at the end …

Which hastened the need to declare the emergence of the International Organization of the Arab Union for Human Rights belonging to the entity of the Union of the Arab Nation in Brussels as a community body which we are working to activate officially to upgrade the system of the Arab Union Union with contributing to the introduction of ideas and trends that take into account international law and international In terms of vision and general goals programs

On the other hand, we add that some Arab countries have significant progress and international supervision, according to international reports, where they announced a new stage in the field of human rights and the file of the time of violations and announced reconciliation with the people and worked to restore the rights and gains, but developed this special aspect Human rights can be included as an Arab model and not as strategic partnerships to bring international visions closer to it.

Organizational Chart :


  • General Director
  • The Secretary
  • Translation Section
  • Legal Section
  • Financial Department
  • Monitoring, follow-up, and planning department

General goals

Work on the visibility of the organization

To achieve the goals, including the preservation of human dignity and respect for all human rights in the sense of universal and global protection and defense and promotion in the Arab world

The definition, dissemination, and education of human rights in the Arab world

To work towards the ratification by the Arab States of all international human rights instruments and to integrate their provisions into legislation and their relevance and ensure respect for them.

Monitoring and denouncing all violations of human rights and working to put an end to them, while contributing to the issuance of recommendations aimed at informing the concerned parties of the need to respect human achievement within the context of the communication.

Participation in international forums

Partnerships with various international institutions and human rights organizations. Enhancing communication with various civil society actors.

Issuing periodicals through media pages to solve the organization and its work. Mediation of human rights files has been neutral.

Strengthening the concept of a state of law and law. Expand the domain of freedom.

Strengthening democratic bodies.

Encourage and strengthen local democracy.

The ideology of the International Organization of the Arab Union for Human Rights:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 in Paris is an indispensable international reference in determining that “Everyone has the right to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration without distinction of any kind, in particular discrimination on grounds of racism, color, sex, language or religion,

From which all human rights were born, and on the basis of which rights and duties are built.

The entity of the international organization also draws the Arab National Union from its legal reference to the international legal norms in addition to the legal reference adopted in the Arab countries which are in line with its societal, tribal, institutional, and organizational characteristics in terms of the integration of the organization and the adaptation of its intellectual ideology on the basis of a universal deliberative basis. On the Arab level in terms of human rights, which we see in the need for a new proposal in line with the current stage and the future.

We believe that the human rights workshop should be conducted under the shadow of an Arab specificity, on the basis of an ideology in which the laws comply with the time that we have entered into our privacy, but within the framework of the international system.

For example, this new technology imposed on us legal transactions not previously known, especially industrial rights and intellectual property rights and laws related to the Internet and electronic industries, digital and space to cope with this new human reality rights from a new international perspective, including the rights of children, women and men and the disabled and the disabled and needy As well as other human and denominational variations within the framework of the United Nations and international law.

All these data are related to the rights and duties and affect the daily lives of people in the Arab world and must be subject to new laws.

In light of this theoretical thesis, we must take into consideration everything we have already mentioned.

We are coming up with new forms of society, and we have to adapt to their nature and conditions. We have laws related to labor rights, and other rights, including unemployment compensation and pensions.

Soon the Arab world will enter cars without drivers and machines driven by the robot. What do we do with human rights?

From this perspective, we must accelerate our efforts to enact laws that protect our rights in technological time and make us preserve the rights of others.

This is the philosophy of the International Organization of the Arab Union for Human Rights

It derives its reference from international law and the legal custom that is practiced in the Arab sector with the law adopted by it and is striving to issue new laws that keep pace with the times and preserve the acquired and take into account the specificities.

While ensuring the right of the individual as a person without distinction or bias.


The strategy of the International Organization of the Arab Union for Human Rights :

To develop future perspectives on human rights in the medium and long-term.

– Stressing the concept of ideology adopted by the Organization at the Arab and international level

– Achieving the goals written by the organization.

The organization’s presence in the Arab and international arena as an added value as a leading institution in the field of human rights.

– The organizational structure of the organization at the Arab and international levels.

Strategic direction

  • Interaction with humanitarian issues in the Arab world
  • The actual city is full of conferences and seminars
  • Strengthening partnerships
  • Achieving positive results at the Arab international level is an entity that contributes to the promotion of human rights through a participatory approach

Mechanism of Action

Programs of the year

Coordination with the Presidency of the Union and its various organizations Exchange of experiences with international organizations

Follow-up on reports from organizations that sponsor human rights

To crystallize a new vision

Human Development Projects:

The National Initiative for Human Development is a development project to improve economic and social conditions

; Three basic axes

Addressing social deficits in urban slums and more rural communities

Encourage income-generating activities that are durable and accessible to job opportunities

Working to respond to the needs of people in difficult situations. Strengthening local governance

And so on Improving the living conditions of poor and vulnerable populations and combating social and economic exclusion is a method based on good governance Operations are centered around Improving access to basic infrastructure and social infrastructure Encourage social, cultural and sports activism Social and economic integration of the targeted population Sustainable Local Development Strengthening local governance


Create multiple partnerships with international institutions and benefit from project funding budgets

Millennium Challenge of Cooperation. United Nations Program for Cooperation. Japan International Cooperation Agency. Spanish Cooperation.

Saudi stocks for cooperation.

Chinese government.

The European Union.

– Arab stocks of economic and social development.

The partnership is essential for the success of the National Initiative for Human Development. Link the bank account to the electronic contribution website

Creating partnerships with civil society organizations to contribute to participatory projects Royale family invest


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