The launch of the "Book of Condolence" by UAN

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The launch of the “Book of Condolence” by UAN

European Parliament, Brussels: 

His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi, the founder president of Union Arab Nations (UAN), at the European Parliament in Brussels, the capital city of European Union, signs the “Book of Condolence”  for showing the solidarity and sympathy with the victim families of more than 300 people martyred by terrorists on 24th Nov 2017 inside a mosque in Egypt.

Sinai mosque attack ‘book of condolence: 

On 24 November 2017, the al-Rawda mosque in Sinai (Egypt) was attacked by some 40 gunmen during Friday prayers. This is one of the main mosques associated with the Jaririya Sufi order. At least 309 people were martyred and more than 128 were injured, making it the deadliest attack in Egyptian history. The attackers planted three bombs; used the burning wrecks of cars to block off escape routes. After their detonation, they launched rocket propelled grenades and opened fire on the worshipers. When ambulances arrived to transport the wounded to hospitals, the attackers opened fire on them as well. The Conseil Européen de Bruxelles (the organisation of the Egyptian diaspora in Brussels), supported by Union Arab Nations (UAN), has therefore taken the initiative to sign in the European Parliament in Brussels the ‘book of condolence’.

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